Brian Persico makes furniture and functional objects out of his Catskills studio, each piece is one of a kind and carefully made by hand.  Inspired by natural materials and informed by craft throughout history, he is known for creating simple and functional pieces that will last.

In 2012, Brian started experimenting with archery bows after a long-term fascination with early civilizations.  This has since evolved to be a significant portion of his practice.

"I’m really inspired by those vernacular items we use everyday.  Especially folk objects, which I’ll interpret to fit my lifestyle.  Everything has to be light and strong and sit well in an environment.  Combining simple function with beauty is a constant inspiration and a challenge.  I'm completely obsessive when it comes to researching my ideas and craft- for instance I look at ancient pottery murals to inform the way I shape my bows.  When I begin making, I like to focus on the finer details, from building hardware from scratch to carefully recreating finishes from 16th century manuscripts.  Making bows, I am exposed to unusual materials such as horn, bone and sinew which I now also use in my furniture.  My dining chair, for example, utilizes tiny pins carved from antler which I gather in the woods around my home."


You can see Brian's work by appointment at his studio in Windham, NY and a selection of his work is available for view at the BDDW showrooms in NYC and Milan.

For any inquiries please email, and check the home page for upcoming classes and exhibitions.